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                                       Meaningful Poems

  It is very important to us that you know the meaning of each poem, beforeyou purchase them, and remember that there is not a limit on how many poems a person can order. it's all for a very great cause, for you and everyone who purchase them.

   Here Is The Summary Meaning of The Poems...
This is A Single Family Home - This poem is for all people who want other family members out of their home, or to tell distance family members and others to not ask if you can live with you.

A Friend - This poem explains, and identifies the true meaning of a  real friend, so you and all people will know what to look for in a friend.

School Days - This poem explains the troubles that happens within the school, during your child's school years, and what to do in making situations better.

Growing Successfully - This poem explains the true meaning of success not being material things, but what's inside of you.

Relationships - This poems explains what to look for in a mate, before you enter into it, and how to make it work. This poem was written, because Tommy Charles did not have the knowledge for years of what to look for in a mate.

I Love You - This is a poem that you can have personally written just for you. Just send in some information about your relationship, and we can tailor this poem for you.$10 extra.
 is This poem

My Soul - This poem explains the importance of your soul, and why it should be the number one thing that you should protect.

Forgive Me - This poem is a encouragement for people to realize their sins and how to ask God for forgiveness.

A love Mate - This poem explains how to find true love through maturity, and regretting how a person messed up with someone who was a good person in their past relationship. 

You Are Better Than - This poem speaks on some issues that need to be address, to make a person look on the inside of themselves, in hope that they will make changes for the better.

The Most High - This poem explains the unspeakable greatness of the only true living God and His position in existence.

A Mother's Love - This poem explains the great true love a mother has for her child/children, and how not to abuse them.

They Didn't Know - This poem explains the innocence of little children, and the different things they grow up to be.

Do Unto Others - This poem explains how a person should do to others, as they would want to be treated, not being a hypocrite.This poem also speaks about the price to pay, if the wrong choice is chosen.

Innocent They Are - This poem explains the innocents of children in a different way, and how to direct them.

You Must Understand - This Poem explains the success in people, and what success really is, and how not to put it above all things, especially God.

Prejudice - This poem speaks on the price to pay for being prejudice, and what God thinks about it.

Never Thought About - This poem explains the things in life that many people do not think about, as far as what God has put on this earth for us to enjoy.

To The Church of God - This poem explain how many church congregations have to understand that the church belongs to God, and not people, and what corrections should be made.

He Accepts All - This poem explains the true skin color of Jesus and how he will accept all people, including how we all should act and think.