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Real Life Situation Poems

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  When any order of poems come through our company, we will take another $1.00 and put it towards feeding the poor, and building safe after school centers across the country for children and teenagers, so that they may have safe places to learn, do homework and play.

  The children and young people of today, are the future of the world tomorrow, so it is very
important that we start planning for the many years ahead, to create safe, drug free and clean learning and play centers for them.

Today we have started to lay the ground work for what is suppose to be.
                                                                   Example Below

                                      If 100 people order 100 poems, you earned $200.00

                                      If 500 people order 500 poems, you earned $1,000.00

                                      If 1,000 people order 1,000 poems, you earned $1,000

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 Remember, there are over 318 million people living within the U.S and over
7 billion people living in this world, which means there are plenty of people
who can contribute to you earning money, by paying only $10 for a very helpful, uplifting, informational, "Real Life Situation Poem", in which will earn you $2.00 per order that comes in, because of you. Thank you for helping us with "The Laquan Learning & Play Centers" to help put a stop to all of the senseless murders and killings.  We are working hard to put a stop to all crying and hurting mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends.

The definition of the poems

Our poems were written in a very meaningful way to rhyme with deep truth. We get such good feed back, because people really enjoy them. Our poems are very good, and informational. These poems
are dealing with real life situations to make you think. 
Real Life Situation Books and Poems
  It is a great pleasure to this company to have you on board with us. We are in your corner and we want all of you to succeed in what we have to offer.  The sky is really your and our limit.

                                 Tommy Charles
                           Chief Excutive Officer