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   The Importance Of Having Tommy Charles Speak To You

                                Tommy Charles is the author of three very informative
                                books named, "Kept Secrets", "The Book Of Answers".
                                Theses books are guaranteed to catch your inner attention
                                to the truth of God, to open your eyes to the pure truth of 
                                this very existence that you and all humanity live in.

                                These books will also open the eyes of you and your children
                                to the various ways of life, and these books hit on so many
                                areas of life and will deeply captivate your mind in truth.

                                Every household need to have a copy of these books! 
                                Tommy also has poured out his personal pain and shame
                                into these books, so that you may find peace in your life.

                                ...and please do not forget about Tommy Charles's "Real
                                Life Situation Poems" that you have read about on this site,
                                or you might have heard of them somewhere else.

   Tommy Charles Specializes In Speaking On These Subjects Below...

1. Teaching people how they can make it through their hard times with strength.

2. Why you should never give up on your dreams.

3. What to do with what you love to do in life.

4. The importance of living a humble life.

5. The correct way of reaching your dreams.

6. The importance of supporting each other.

7. Why you should never forget about God.

8. The importance of operating your church congregation correct.

9. How to stop bulling, and why.

10. The importance of being respectful to your parents, and the elderly.

11. Learning the difference between God's system and the world systems.

12. How to become a better person and how to spread it to others.

13. How to be a parent to your children.

14. How to prevent suicide and what will happen, if it is committed.

15. The importance of knowing truth.
16. How to become a better husband, or wife.

17. The importance of being a good student.

18. Life after death.

19. How to prevent child abuse, and what child abuse does.

20. The importance of raising your children correctly.

21. The importance of displaying love in your life.

22. Explaining your souls to you.

23. How to make it through this life, even though you are hurt and damaged.

24. How to protect your mind.

25. How to have order in your life.

26. How to learn from your mess-ups and mistakes, and use them to teach 

27. How to change your gang membership into a positive thing.

28. Explaining the foolishness of being a gang member.

29. How to prepare your soul for the afterlife.

30. Why it's very important to display love, respect and kindness, and what will
      happen to you if you do not display it.

31. How to grow mentally as time passes by.

32. How to make your life easier, and why we must have hardship.

33. Explaining why this world is the way it is...

34. Round table discussions with community leaders, neighborhood and
      community residents to come up with solutions to meet the people's

35. Discussions to make communities and neighborhoods better and more

36. Teaching adults and young people the importance of keeping their credit
      score good, paying bills on time, and not to live above their needs.

37. Preparing children and young people for the challenges of adulthood and

38. How to really live for God and what He expects from us as people.

39. We address people's issues, find a solution and then we will work to eliminate the issue/issues.

40. We will do all of this and more for you.  We are here for you. Let us work together.

It is for these reasons and more why Tommy Charles is quickly becoming a man in demand. He is a person who speaks deep truth to his audiences. All people need to hear him. It is also why many people come to Tommy Charles for advice and information. Tommy Charles is a man called and chosen by God to speak deep truth to all people everywhere to prepare them.

If you need someone to come talk to your group, employees, teachers, students,children, teenagers, young people, parents, business owners, church congregations, church leaders, gang members, neighborhood people, communities, and leaders, just get the people together, call us to set up the appointment and details and Tommy Charles will be more than happy to come and speak deep truth to you all. 

Tommy Charles is guaranteed to leave you thinking about becoming a better person and improving your relationship with all people, so that you will do your part in making this world a better place for you, your children, family members, grandchildren, and so on. This is the will of God. It is for these reasons and more why people are drawn to Tommy Charles, also known as "The Man With Two First Names", and he is really becoming a man in demand. You really need to hear him! 

If you are interested in requesting Tommy Charles to come and speak to your group, or audience, please contact us with the information on our contact page on this site.  Thank you.