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What God Wants You To Know
"A Matter of Life And Death This Is A Matter of Your Soul."
What God Wants You To Know
"A Matter of Life And Death This Is A Matter of Your Soul."
This is really a must read book and much of it is written in poem fashion to make it more enjoyable to read. Also there are heart touching pictures within this book. Author; Tommy Charles. The table of contents consists of - The Introduction -What God Wants You To Know - Satan's View of Us - Reality - Scriptures - A Start to Study - I Didn't Have A Choice - What About You - Why Do I Cry - The Experience - Questions and Answers - Reason Within Yourselves - What Do you Know - Suicide - I Don't Need God - You Know It's Coming and What! You Knew. This book is written in a way that you will enjoy reading. This is one of our company books that we used for donations to give people food and to help people pay their bills. You may also click on the book to enlarge it.
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Devastated + Hurt + Pain + Shame = Not Defeated   
 The Bio of Tommy Charles our
Chief Executive Officer - CEO. 
Tommy Charles was born and raised on the west side in Detroit, Michigan. He has come through great adversity to become the man that he is now.
 During his childhood, teenage years and as an adult, he has suffered through child abuse, mental abuse, terrible beatings, family denial. He has been told throughout all of his childhood and teenage years that he will never amount to be anything. Hiding depression, fatherless, on the streets and asking for food due to hunger as a youth. He was non trusting of people. He has been kicked out of school for fighting many times as a child and teenager. Tommy Charles has been in the company of evil people and suffered terrible church hurt, betrayal, suicidal attempts and a hatred for life. He has been in many school and neighborhood fights, due to not having name brand clothing and shoes.  He has been kicked out of the house as a teenager many times, non deserving. He has been through divorce, having very low self esteem, crimes, armor car robbery, drug sales, court, bad temper and so much more.
God has really been with him and throughout all of this, he has made it through. God is still with him. These are the situations that have birth this company, along with his books, writings and speeches. All of his books and writings are dealing with everyday life situations, that you will find to be very helpful in your daily life.  Tommy Charles cuts no corners as he gives everything to you raw. His new books "Kept Secrets", The Book of Answers, volumes 1,2 and 3 are so fascinating, interesting, true and raw with pure truth. Every person should own these books.  Tommy Charles wants all people to do good in their lives, so he has founded this company so that all people will have an opportunity to prosper in their lives beyond their wildest imaginations. With this company, you are given the opportunity to earn as much money as you like. People who have lost their money in investments, their life savings and retirement funds can rebound with this company. This is why it is very important to tell as many people as possible about this company. There is a great need for this company, for you the people. We are in the business of creating employment and increased income and opportunities for all people everywhere. That is why today and even as a child, Tommy Charles has been so much for being real, true and fair with everyone.

He has come to the knowledge "that someone has to be fair, positive and true, so why not me, and create a company who stands for the same"?  Throughout it all, God has given him a sense of humor and he would always say "God knew everything that would happen to me and all that I would go through in this life, way before I was born and that is why he gave me a big sense of humor."  These are the
words of Tommy Charles. This is why he is invited, to speak at many places, and the people are very interested in what Tommy Charles has to say. Many people need to hear the words of Tommy Charles, because He has much word in him.