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                "If You Do Not Help Yourselves, No One Else Will"           


We will not let Laquan, or your love ones passing be in vain.  We will keep Laquan's and your love ones alive by bringing "The Laquan Learning & Play Centers" to your neighborhood, so that you, nor any other mother, father, brother, sister, relative, or friend will not have to suffer what so many others have.
Please read below to see our agenda and plan to keep their passing alive...   

Stop the crying mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends!
Stop the crying mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends!

We are asking you to support this very strong and needed movement by purchasing our items and making donations and contributions through our website. When you support us, we will pay you weekly for your work. We all will grow together in this great growing Godly empire.
    People, it is time today to put an end to all of these senseless and foolish killings.  The question is, who will be next? Will it be you?  Will it be me?  Will you be the next crying and hurting mother, father, brother, sister, relative, friend, or associate?  What need to be understood, is that it does not have to be this way. There have already been enough tears shed to fill a river.  There has been enough blood shed to fill an ocean so to speak.  When will it stop!  The power is in you and me to put this all to an end.
That is why we are working hard to bring a “La Quan Learning & Play Center” to your neighborhood.  La Quan Clark was a young man, who was not the intended target.  He was also the first victim of 2019 in the city where he lived.  When we bring the La Quan Center to your neighborhood, there will be a wall, or room dedicated to all people killed in your city, town, or area. We will keep their memory alive in the form of a plaque and picture.  Our centers will be a very good safe haven for all children, teenagers, young people and adults who attend.  In honor of all victims, we demand peace and order within all of our centers.  We are working to make your neighborhood safe.
In a summary, the “La Quan Learning & Play Centers” will be a place to teach children and all people the importance of life and a life.  We will teach them the ways of God, and what He expects of us.  We will teach them how to be good fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.  We will teach them how to be a good person, and the importance of having good credit and so much more.  It will be a place where children can play sports, video games, air hockey, pool, to do school homework, and so much more.  If you do not help yourselves, no one else will help you.  You will love our centers.
Here is how you can be a great part of this wonderful work, by purchasing any of our products.  This is how we support ourselves to operate the La Quan Learning & Play Centers.  This is how we will bring a center to your neighborhood.  Not only this, but we will pay you for each product purchased, because of you, by someone else.  We will also pay you 25% of all donations received, because of you guaranteed.  The more people who purchase any product from us, because of you, the more money you will earn.  The more donations we receive, due to you, the more you will earn.  You see everyone wins!  This is a win, win situation!  We all are working hard to make a much needed change.  In this great and wonderful work, God is pleased.  You can see our products on this website, as we will always have different products.  These are the reasons why we ask you to support us.  You are greatly appreciated and thank you so much, from all of us.
                                                                                      The Speakers of Organization, LLC
                                                                                                      C.E.O Tommy Charles 


  The Speakers of Organization, LLC Presenting “The La Quan Learning & Play Centers
                                 This is the goal, plan and agenda In A Summary…
1.      You first must understand that real change is very possible and it must start         
          with you.

2.      Through “The La Quan Learning & Play Centers, we will have out of the country  

3.      We will teach family values and life values to our children and people.

4.      We will have college scholarships for our children who are doing good in school.

5.      We will teach the importance of having a good solid family.

6.      We will create jobs and teach entrepreneurship.

7.      We will fund people who want to open businesses.

8.      We will have safe children day cares and teach them the true ways of life.

9.      We will pay people to clean our streets and to make them neat.

10.    We plan on having all kinds of trips to let our children and people know that there
          is a world outside of their neighborhood.

11.    We will be working very hard to make all neighborhoods as safe as possible for   
          you and your children. 

12.    In “The La Quan Learning & Play Centers”, we will have all types of activities for
         you and your children and most of all, our centers will be a safe haven.  We will
         enforce that! 
                      The Speakers of Organization, LLC is a ministry  
  Since we are a ministry, we will and must teach the true ways of God and what He expects of us as people.  We must give people the true understanding of this life existence.  We must teach boys how to grow up and be real men and girls how to grow up to be real women.  A good healthy mental family is the true base of a happy life and God is the foundation of it all.

     This is what “The La Quan Learning & Play Centers will represent.

  We will set the bar to show you and everyone the way it’s really supposed to be.  We will always be fair, true and real before you.  Everything we do will be a representation of God.
One of our main goals is to supply you all with an income, including the children just as we are doing today for a very good cause.
We know that God is pleased with our work, but we cannot do this alone.
We need you to help us built this empire, so that you, your son, daughter, father and mother will “Not” be the next victim of a murder.
We will supply safe, clean and affordable housing.  These are the reasons why we are asking you to join forces with us.  Purchase our products.  Earn money from our products.  Explain to people why they should purchase products from us.  Explain to people on why they should make a donation and contribution to us as you have read in this website.  You will be compensated for your work.  You will earn an income for advertising, so when you advertise us and they purchase a product, or products from us, then you will be paid.  When you advertise us and someone makes a contribution/donation to us, you will receive 25% of that.  We pay weekly.  We will assign you a "Pin Number", so just let people know that every time they make a purchase/purchases, and a donation, they must use your "Pin Number", every time (your assigned number), that way we will know who to send the payment to (you). We pay weekly.
Advertise this all through social media and word of mouth is also a very strong tool to use in advertising.  We will keep you updated through our website, so you will know that the monies are being put to a very good work.  When we open a new “La Quan Learning & Play Center”, you will know.  We will keep you updated on all of our activities.  Our goal is to open a “La Quan Learning & Play Center” in your neighborhood to immediately start making a change where you are for the better.  When you invest in us, you are investing in you, your children, grandchildren and your future generations.

“There are thousands of crying and hurt mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends each year, due to murder.Today we are working very hard to put an end to this madness, foolishness and stupidity. We do not want you, or anyone you know to be the next victim.You are a life, smart and a very valuable man, woman, boy and girl who is needed on this earth.This is why we are very raw and to the point in our speaking and teachings.  
This is Laquan Clark.  Enough is enough!  No more! We have the power to put a stop to this wicked madness.
This is Laquan Clark. Enough is enough! No more! We have the power to put a stop to this wicked madness.

Help us bring a "Laquan Learning & Play Center to your neighborhood. We promise you that we will reach out to the people in your neighborhood and make a change through true education and many positive actions.