The Speakers of Organization, LLC - Your Income Application
The Speakers of Organization, LLC - Causing Life Changing Experiences
Your Income Application
The Speaker of Organization, LLC
P.O. Box 3784
York, Pa 17402

This application is a written agreement of you saying that you have read our company website in full, and that you fully understand all things written within our website. There is no money needed for you to start earning your income with this company. There is not any membership fees required. So start earning your money income today. 

This application is also our guaranteed agreement to you, in saying that we stand by
all things written within this website, and that you are not bound by any contract.  You may participate in one, or in every way of earning an income for yourself within this company.

You may quit at anytime.  You may earn money at any pace you would like, and we will pay you every week.  What you do this week to earn your pay, we will pay you next week. We pay weekly.

We do not take out taxes, so it is your responsibility to report your own income earned from The Speakers of Organization, LLC to the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S). 

We are bounded by law to report all income payouts to the Internal Revenue Service
(I.R.S), and therefore we do abide by that law.

Anyone who is involved any unlawful and criminal act within this company will be persecuted to the fullest of the law, by this company and will be banded for life from
participating in any way within The Speakers of Organization, LLC.

You will be assigned a "promo code number". Your promo code number is the number we will go by, so that you will receive payment for every transaction that happens within our company, due to you, to ensure your payment. 

There are over 318 million people living within the U.S and over 7 billion
people living on earth. This mean that there are countless people who
you can give an opportunity too, so that they too can earn a lot of money, which in return will earn you a lot of money. 

                         Signed; Tommy Charles, Chief Executive Officer

Please print legibly

First Name _______________________________________________________
Last Name________________________________________________________
Address__________________________________________ Phone (    )________
City___________________________ State____________________ Zip_________
Sign_____________________________________ Date____________________

What is the company promo number of the person who is responsible for referring you to this website to do business?________________* This is a requirement to ensure payment to that person.


Check The Categories/Category that you will like to be paid for your participation
(Check one, two, or all three)

_____ I would like to be paid $2.00 for every poem sold, due of me as
          written within this company website. Including everyone who
          purchases a poem under my company promo code number.

_____ I would like to be paid $5.00 for every book set sold, due to me
          under my company promo number as written within this company website.

_____ I would like to be paid 15% of the total price, for every speaking
          engagement that has been finalized, due to me.

_____ I would like to be paid for every item that is purchased through donation on this
          company's online store, through my company promo number.

_____ I would like to be paid the 25% fee for setting up a speaking engagement for
          Tommy Charles.

          You may participate in anything as many times as you like. We want you to earn
           thousands and even millions with us. If you are successful, then we are successful.

                             You may print this page, or simply text, or email us.

(All Things Within This Company Is Free To Start)