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Tommy Charles - CEO

 This is a man who is known for his kindness, truthfulness, respect,
humor, and being real and true with all people he comes into contact with.

He is also a man who does not have a problem in explaining to people the
difference of the ways and mentality of The Most High and the ways and
mentality of the world.                                                 

We are very excited to share with you all, our new online store that will pay
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Every item in our online store has a payout price displayed on it and that is the amount we will pay you when a person purchases that item, due to you. We just do not sell items, we pay you for all items that are sold in our store, due to you.

All you have to do is, text us, or email us your full name, address and phone number, and we will immediately text you an assigned "Company Promo Number" to ensure our payment to you.  ...With that "Company Promo Number", you are to promote our online store by telling and sending as many people as you can to our store and tell them to use your assigned "Company Promo Number" when and every time they purchase something in our online store with your "Company Promo Number" and then you will get paid.  

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People cannot live off $8, $10, $12 and $14 an hour. The cost of living is always becoming more expensive, along with insurance, medical cost, rent, mortgage, vehicle payments, electric, water, gas bills, etc. Unexpected vehicle repairs are very expensive. Many people have emergency situations that come about in their lives and it cost them extra money that they do not have.

We have many people who have retired and put in the years, and they are barely making
ends meet and they too still have to go out and get another job.

There are many single mothers and fathers who are struggling to pay bills and we have many mother's and father's working two and three jobs just to live on this earth and that is also taking away their quality time to raise their children correctly in many cases.

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We have a 30 day layaway plan on all items and products in our online store. All items on layaway must be fully paid for within the 30 days. If any item, or product is not fully paid for within the 30 days, all monies will be returned to the customer, except for $5.00. There is a $5.00 administrative fee for unpaid layaway.     
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  The Speakers of Organization, LLC was founded in 2009 by Tommy Charles who is known for being the man with two first names. The sole purpose of this company being founded is for helping all people, including you. Speaker Tommy Charles has years of experience in changing people's lives through his speeches and deeds. He has spoken deep truth to so many people. Tommy Charles is a person who can identify with the problems of many people, because of his own many hard life experiences, and that is why he has deeply dedicated his life to uplifting, encouraging and speaking truth to  all people.

  Tommy Charles is the author of three books named "Kept Secret's", "The Book of Answers", volumes one, two and three.  He is also the author of over 33 "Real Life Situation Poems", as they are called. The response to his books and poems are of great reviews. Many people who have read his writings, have said that they couldn't hardly put his books down, because they enjoyed the information in them so much. Tommy Charles books have been sold on word of mouth. People just love them so much, and we all are so excited about it all.

  His poems are very good to read, so hang them on a wall, or set them on a desk, or table for all people to read. Tommy Charles writing are so informational, and that's why all people need them in their homes and businesses.

  Tommy Charles has years of experiences in speaking deep truth to all people, because he really cares. He encourages, uplift, and gives answers to people's problems in his speaking. He will really have your mind captivated by his speaking.  You will also be very deeply
involved while reading his books, as we are told by people. While working in the work force, people have asked Tommy Charles saying, "why are you here"? Many people have asked him that, because of how he captivates the mind, and have helped them while speaking to them on whatever subject. Tommy Charles has been told by people, while being in the work force that he need to get out of the work force, because the world need to hear what he has to say.

  Remember, this company is all about you, so please take this journey through our website today, and see how we are offering all people, including you a chance to earn an income with us. Please check out our new online store and how we are using the products to pay you and more...  We have Jewry, drones, clothing, hand bags, watches, toys, and so much
more. check out our online store every day, because we will be adding products everyday.